Photo Framing

Few things connect us to our lives more quickly and deeply than being surrounded by well-framed photos of our special people, pets, events, moments and occasions. You may be pleasantly surprised by how beautiful, affordable and durable a custom photo frame can be (when compared to pre-fabricated frames available in the department stores).

Wedding Photo Framing

It is a given that we want the framing of your wedding photos to be beautiful and enduring. When having wedding photos Connect with your emotion. Flutes/vows/certificate/knife that cut the cake

To add extra dimensions to your photographs, why not include a memento from when the photo was taken? Want to add a garter, piece of veil, or the flowers from your bouquet? This will lift an amazing photo into being part of a unique heirloom.

Protect First

When designing framing for photography, Matisse firstly focus on protecting your image. If you choose not to have mats, we will use a spacer to keep your image away from the glass, eliminating the possibility of the photo sticking to the glass while minimizing mould formation and damage from heat. Your photo will be conservation mounted to a backing to ensure it stays flat, and will not buckle or cockle with changes in humidity. As standard, we will use UV-blocking glazing to keep the colours as close to the day they were printed as possible.

Beautify Second

Matisse will focus on identifying the tones, colours, textures and style of each image, in order to remain consistent with the vision captured by the photographer. This ensures that each framed image will look great in its own right, in the variety of locations it will be hung in over the many decades it will last.

Transfer your photo to Canvas

With a special press, we are able to take your genuine photo image and transfer it to almost any surface, including canvas. This retains all of the colour and detail of the original photo while presenting it as a stretched artwork. Photos treated this way are protected from harmful UV damage, and are immune to cleaners like Windex.

Photo Retouching

If you should have old photos that have suffered from damage over the years, we can scan them, repair damage that has been done digitally, and restore colours to their original condition. We can then arrange that the retouched image be printed in almost any size you like, on a variety of media to suit.

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