Memorabilia Framing

The variety of hobbies, sports and passions that people have is almost limitless, and so is the possibility of presenting your passion to the world in a frame by Matisse.

We do not cut, tape or change objects being framed in any way without consulting with you first.

Sporting Memorabilia Framing

Matisse have framed almost every object associated with every sport. The obvious, like signed Cricket Bats, Football Jerseys, cycling jerseys, and the not so obvious like Photos of the big catch, with the lure used to catch it or the golf club and ball with a photo where you struck a “hole in one”.

Military Memorabilia Framing

A life of service to a country deserves to be recognised. Medals, Certificates, Photos, Regimental Flags, plaques and even slouch hats can be combined in frames to present a life of service in a meaningful, traditional and enduring way, for future generations to reflect upon.

Travel Memorabilia Framing

If you have just taken the trip of a lifetime, you may have artefacts, maps, photos or any range of items that collectively will remind you of your adventures. Matisse can frame these for you in a style that reflects the country or region visited, to take you back there in an instant whenever you look at it on your wall.

Music Memorabilia Framing

For the music lover, few things will touch having the guitar/drumstick/poster/cd/t-shirt signed by their favourite band framed so that they can enjoy it every day while protecting it from harm. Why not make a collage of your last music festival if it was one to remember?!

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