Certificate Framing

Matisse believe the achievements of a lifetime should last a lifetime. Leaving them in the folder they were given to you in, or worse, putting them in a ready-made frame, will see them deteriorate within a few years. Having all of your achievements well framed over time as a set, will serve to remind you (and others) of how far you have come, and will go far in reinforcing your personal brand. Matisse frame certificates and awards from all universities, corporations and associations, and have been the exclusive framer for QUT since 1988.

Lifetime Guarantee

The unique combination of materials and methods used in the production of our certificate frames allow us to offer you an industry-first Lifetime Guarantee. Should any component fade, buckle or play up in any way, we will replace all of the affected components at no charge, up to and including the direct cost of replacing the parchment.

Complimentary High-Resolution Scan

We provide you with a high-resolution scan of your certificate or award in PDF form, which can be securely notarized by a Justice of the Peace, and easily distributed by email to potential employers or government agencies should there be a need.

Try before you buy

In our showroom you can mix and match prepared frame, matboard and glazing combinations to personalize your certificate while meeting your budget.


We keep records of your certificate framing selections so that you can frame future achievements, awards and admissions in your choice of an identical or complementary style. By careful selection and special arrangements, we can assure you that the same materials we use on your frames today will be available years from now awaiting your next achievement. We arrange secure packaging and door-to-door shipping globally for a small extra charge.

Working with us