Yes, all work is done onsite.

Matisse Framing has bars on all windows and doors making it near impossible to break in. Attempts to break in will be captured on our 24/7 video cameras which upload to the cloud.

Normally, we take two weeks. It can be longer at Christmas time as the workload increases. We can meet tight deadlines when needed for a special occasion.

It is almost impossible to give a reasonably accurate quote without seeing the art first. Many framers will low-ball their prices on the phone to get you in the door. We would prefer that you come in and have an obligation-free quote done for you.

We accept all cards except American Express, and a 50% deposit is required with order. The balance is payable on collection.

Yes two options are available, either the original art can be restored, or we can scan/photograph it and digitally restore/reprint it.

Thanks for using us before, and as we keep records of all framing done, we can arrange to frame your piece exactly the same as last time without you coming in.

Yes, for an additional charge we will happily arrange packaging and shipping of art for you.

Of course, most of the time we try to do it at no charge when we can. We want all of your framed items up on the wall and looking good!

Yes, we offer gloss or matt laminate with bevel/straight or reverse bevel edges in black (or special colours by request)

Yes, we are a distributor of domed glass, and can have it custom made for you if necessary.

Yes we do, and they can be tailored to any amount.

Most of the time the answer is yes.

For recently issued certificates not previously framed and for photos we print, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

In order to last a lifetime, your testamur will be professionally mounted so that it doesn’t cockle, buckle or have issues with mould. Further, we use UV-coated glass in our frames, which protects your testamur from UV damage, but also requires expert handling.

As we provide you with a complimentary high-resolution scan with your purchase, there should be little to no need, as copies of your Testamur can be printed and verified by a JP. If you want the Testamur removed, the frame can be returned to us and we will remove it for you.

It is glass with a special coating that allows less than 1% of UV-light to enter the frame. Regular framing glass allows more than 50 times as much UV-light into the frame, causing more than 50 times the related damage. It is by far the most expensive component in the frame.

Framing is normally completed within two weeks of receiving your Testamur. You will be sent an email notifying you when your frame has been shipped.

We require a street/business address where someone is always there to receive parcels during normal business hours Monday to Friday.

Contact us by email as soon as possible at or call us on 07 3356 0909.