Framing For Life

Framing for Life has been the tagline for Matisse Framing for many years now.  For us, it has two interpretations, one perhaps less obvious than the other.

The first interpretation is that the Frames we make last a lifetime (or longer).  This is part of what we do.

The more interesting (and what makes us spring out of bed in the morning) interpretation of Framing for Life is that on a daily basis we are entrusted with preserving and enhancing the images, objects and other “evidence” of your life’s achievements, passions, history, moments, events, comforts, inspirations and milestones.  It could be called Framing Your Life instead.

It’s big, this Framing thing.

Good Framing is very long-lived, it will outlast curtains, couches, carpet, cars and each of us.  The process of looking at something, determining that you care for it, and then having it framed is life affirming.  It makes sense then that framing things you care about, and having these framed items travel through life with you, connects you to your life (as well as the lives of those around you) in a profound way.   We can’t think of anything else that comes close.

Further, because of the enduring nature of good framing, it will often serve the next generation or loved ones equally well as a touching legacy of the things you cared about in your life.

In a world where so many things lose value so quickly (think cars, technology), are fleeting in the pleasure they can provide (hairstyles, movies, theatre, restaurants) and become unfashionable (clothes, handbags, furnishings), it makes sense both economically and emotionally to enrich your life through Framing your achievements, passions, history, moments, events, comforts, inspirations and milestones.