Our mission is to deeply connect individuals and organisations to their brand, culture and environment through excellence in the design and manufacturing of affordable, attractive and durable windows that bring focus to life's milestones, achievements, events, passions and inspirations.

We believe that…

  • The “windows on your walls” which look inward upon life’s achievements, events, comforts, inspirations, milestones and moments are more important than windows looking outward, as they connect you with your life and the lives of others in a profound way.
  • We draw strength and joy from working with people and organizations to whom this matters.
  • A technically and artistically complex process of distilling millions of choices into a beautiful finished product within budget can be made fun and simple for everybody involved.
  • Clients are to be delighted with both design and value in equal measure.
  • Value is a function of how long a product gives you enjoyment.
  • The way we listen and respond to our clients is the key to their satisfaction, and client’s needs often vary significantly from project to project.
  • Investing in continual learning, and sharing what is learnt, is necessary in order for us to grow individually and as a business.
  • Transparency is critical in the methods and materials used, the benefits/downsides of each, and their costs.
  • Our dynamic display acts as both a great inspiration and source of education for our clients.
  • Craftsmanship comes from uncompromising quality, hard work and hard won experience.
  • Some things should last forever.

Matisse is an active member of the PPFA, and exceed the guidelines for framing set by them.

Who We Are

Matisse Framing is a family-owned landmark Picture Framing business that has been operating since 1982. Matisse Framing consists of a small, devoted and talented team.

Campbell Hughes

Campbell’s love of framing was forged by his father, Gerald, who worked for one of Queensland’s best Framing businesses in the early 1970’s. Gerald founded his own business, Hughes Mouldings, from their garage in 1974. Hughes Mouldings designed and commissioned the first aluminium framing (and fittings) for Australian framing businesses. Campbell joined Hughes Mouldings in 1983, and in the 21 years spent there, was a key driver in the business growing to be one of the largest suppliers to the Picture Framing industry in Australia.

As well as being head framer, Sales and Marketing are Campbell’s responsibility at Matisse, and he is always trying to make the complex process of having something framed easy and fun to be part of.

When he isn’t working, Campbell loves playing with things with two wheels, and has a weakness for post-punk and early electronic music.

Sylvie Hughes

Sylvie is the heart of Matisse Framing and it is most likely her that you will see first when you walk through the front door. Sylvie cares for the happiness of the clients of Matisse Framing in a genuine way that is increasingly rare in these fast moving times. She is the person who makes sure all of Matisse’s i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, and is the final word on quality control. Rest assured that no work will be handed to you without her having scrutinized every aspect of it.

When she isn’t working, Sylvie loves everything related to cooking, including growing as much fresh produce as she can manage.

Olivia Hughes

Olivia (one of Campbell and Sylvie’s three daughters) has a strong artistic streak, having been elected Visual Arts Captain for her final year of high school. After a time working in high-end women’s fashion, Olivia now feels she has found her calling in framing, and immensely enjoys working in all aspects of designing and making frames. Olivia is often asked for her opinion on colours and textures used in a design, as she has a natural flair for this.

When she isn’t working, Olivia will be found looking after her Beagle Peanut.

The Matisse Process

1 Design

In order for you to be able to trust that your framing will be suitable for you, we will first need to ask questions. Questions like;

Where is it going to hang?
Is it for yourself, or is it a gift?
Is it solely for decoration, or is it important that it is protected?
What is your style?

Based on your responses to the above questions, our trained, experienced people will be able to narrow down the millions of possible combinations to 2 or 3 that you love. You will be given an approximate date when your work will be ready, which is normally within a fortnight.

2 Manufacture

Once you finalise your frame design, Matisse will take responsibility for your artwork. Matisse have secure premises with bars on all windows and doors. Your artwork will not leave the premises and will only be handled by our staff. You will find that every frame manufactured has a “piece” number, and if UV protective glazing was used, this will also be on the back of your frame.

3 Inspection

After passing through our own inspections at each manufacturing step, your framed artwork is again reviewed for a final time. It’s about exceeding our own high expectations.

4 Collection or shipping

You will receive a text or call, based on your preference, to confirm that your framing has been completed. Rest assured knowing that Matisse Framing aim to delight our clients. If your framed piece isn’t working when you get it home, tell us and we’ll make it right. We keep records of all work done, so that if you should ever need repairs or replacement, we can do it with no fuss.

Should you require, we can easily arrange delivery of your framed items when complete, and secure packaging if you are interstate or overseas.